5 ROI-Driven Niches For Mobile Application Development

The future of Mobile App Development Solution USA is fascinating. With the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning, cross-platform development, progressive web applications, the Internet of Things, and 5G, you can create transformational mobile apps that can completely alter how we work and live.

However, you must be prepared to devote significant time and effort initially. You must do in-depth research on the market and find the best Web and mobile app development company.

Furthermore, the most crucial step in developing a mobile application is finding a perfect niche.  There are many niches in Mobile App Design and Development, and selecting the best niche is tricky for you if you have less understanding of the market.  We know that having in-depth knowledge of every industry is impossible for one person. So to ease your work, we have compiled the top 5 ROI-drive niches for mobile application development and a few necessary steps that you need to focus on before developing your app.

So, let’s begin!

How to Choose a Competitive Mobile App Development Niche?

If you want to make a successful app, then you need to pay a little more attention to finding a niche. To find a perfect mobile application niche, you can follow a proven process that helps stay in the market curve and save you time in the long run.

1.   Examine The App Store and Google Play

Analyzing app store categories will provide a wealth of information. The primary recommendation is to select distinct categories from a similar subject. Such specialization increases the likelihood of getting a footing in the market. Furthermore, when you analyze all types, you will get an idea and also get information about your competitors.

2.   Discover Popular Applications

Instead of creating a new idea, you can go for an option that already exists but in a different way. In short, you have to develop a more reliable application that solves existing problems.  So, all you need to do is find a problem and give the solution.

3.   Determine The Market Size

No matter your business, determining the market size is the most critical stage.  Analyzing market size gives you a sense of market trends. As market fluctuations sometimes persist in one way or another for a while, it might provide light on the essential demand-side factors. Additionally, such tendencies frequently suggest whether a rival to your product is approaching and may impact market size.

 5 ROI-Driven Niches For Mobile Application Development

1.  Health Mobile Application Development Application

As we know, during the pandemic, patients cannot get treatment due to the risk of the spread of COVID-19, which increases the demand for mobile healthcare app development. However, it is now a part of our life.

As per reports, by 2028, the market for mHealth Solutions will be valued at $395.0 billion. However, there are many gaps in existing healthcare apps; you can work on those problems and create a new way to solve their problems. All you need is a proficient web and mobile app development company that implements your idea into reality.

2.   Social Media Application

Every day, the typical individual uses social media for two hours and twenty-seven minutes. This year, users will log 4 trillion hours on social media. This data is enough to understand the demand for social media applications. However, demand comes with competition. It is the most competitive but also highly profitable. To cut this high competition, you need the best Mobile App Development Company that helps you to build a modern social media app that will be useful for every generation.

3.   eCommerce Application

Another of the most lucrative niche is eCommerce applications. As per eMarketer, by 2025, eCommerce sales in the US alone are expected to increase from 15.3% to 23.6%. This number alone demonstrates the profitability of the eCommerce market.

Furthermore, you can concentrate on micro niches like beauty, handcrafted jewelry, shoes, or any other material stick things. When you select a technical specialty inside the eCommerce umbrella, your app will become genuinely valuable since you will presumably address a demand where a vacuum already exists in the market.

4.   Finance And Investment Application

Approximately 150 million Americans own stocks, according to a recent Gallup study. It’s no secret that the number of financial applications has increased significantly over the past few years due to the ease of doing work and people’s interest in investing. Finance and investment are lucrative areas that will endure. There are various facets of this market to study and ideas to implement. If you hire a Mobile App Development Company that knows this market sector, you can develop a highly lucrative app that drives a higher profit to you.

5.  On-Demand Service Application

After the pandemic, people have become more accustomed to home services! Real-time appointment scheduling, and online payments, are just a few of the main reasons customers no longer visit local shops and salons.

Furthermore, the scope of these apps is vast. These types of apps offer a wide range of services, such as ordering food, taxiing, and getting deliveries from couriers and other on-demand service providers. The broad niche area allows you to easily find any micro niche and build an app with a Web and mobile app development company.


Is this good research and niche enough for you to drive higher ROI? Well, when it comes to technology, the answer is a big no.  The only way to drive a higher ROI is by providing a seamless experience to users. And users will only get attracted when you develop a top-notch mobile application with all the latest features.

Consagous is a premier Mobile App Development Company with proficiency in developing advanced technology. We have various industry experts that have in-depth knowledge of the many industries. Moreover, we offer customized Mobile App Design and Development in various niches, such as eCommerce, telemedicine, fitness, taxi booking, e-learning, etc. You can contact projects@onsagous.co or visit our services page to learn more about our services.

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