How To Build an AI-Powered Dating App for Android and iOS?

Dating apps are becoming more common among the young generation. As per Pew Research Center, Adults in the US claim that 30% have used a dating app.

This shows how online dating services influence the younger generation. However,  this is the era of the advanced internet and technology, where integrating AI into dating applications is a win-win situation for users and online dating application developers.

Artificial intelligence is being employed increasingly in applications, and dating apps with AI capabilities provide an array of perks to users and administrators.  It will enhance the user experience, removing bogus profiles, quickly scanning fake profiles, and enhancing the quality of matches. Additionally, AI will help to gain more engagement by better understanding their users and improving their applications. If you are also thinking of building an AI-powered dating app, you landed at the right spot.

This guide will discuss how you can build an AI-Powered dating app for Android and iOS, what features you can add, and how AI will help you stand out in this competitive market.

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4 Reasons to Build a Dating App With AI Integration

  1. An AI-integrated dating app can offer better matches and more pertinent suggestions by comprehending a user’s interests and actions. Users who are new to the world of dating apps and may not be sure what they’re looking for will help them find their matches according to their preferences.
  2. AI can assist in removing phony profiles and con artists. With AI, users can quickly identify fraudulent activity and flag it to the dating app’s administrators by evaluating user behavior and trends. This contributes to making the environment safer and more reliable for users.
  3. AI-enabled dating apps can offer better matches more likely to result in successful partnerships by comprehending a user’s interests and actions. Due to the increased customer satisfaction and client retention rates, this is advantageous for both users and dating app firms.
  4. AI can assist dating app companies in better understanding their customers.  They can upgrade their application by analyzing user data to reveal insights into user behavior. This benefits both users and dating app developers, leading to a better user experience and elevated consumer satisfaction.

Must-Have Feature in AI-powered Dating App

AI-driven Algorithm and Machine Learning

Integrating AI into the application can assist users better in finding their ideal match.  With AI, your data will be analyzed, and your dating app can determine what qualities users are seeking in a companion and present you with matches that fit those needs. A dating app’s usability can also be enhanced via machine learning. For instance, the app can evaluate your profile and offer advice on how to make it more attractive to potential mates if you aren’t receiving many matches.

Security of online dating

AI supports security features that prevent spam and thwart scammers, safeguarding users’ privacy. The AI algorithms verify numerous criteria, including that the photo you submitted is true of you, is current, and hasn’t been overly edited. The application also introduced unpleasant, lousy behavior and control to a conducting score.

Scamming is expected, as hundreds of fake accounts are created on dating apps. However, you need to develop an app that continuously processes anti-spam activities. The app will automatically crash the duplicate user’s profile and provide a mechanism-assisted warning to others when it finds any scammer’s account.

Encouraging Users

Create virtual assistants that interact with users for at least a week before taking any decision or moving forward with them. With the help of this function, users can discover a little bit about each other and decide if they want to stick with one another or go on to the next potential match after considering each candidate individually. By providing instant chatting, video calling and offering dating advice, the application should also assist users in partnering.


Users of your app should be allowed to choose their preferences and add them to their profiles, along with physical characteristics like gender, age, facial features, height and weight. They can also reveal other details, such as future preferences, pastime activities, proximity, etc. Users of the app can quickly filter their search results and receive only relevant matches by entering these preferences in the settings area.


Allowing users to get familiar with each other on your app will allow them to know their match better and have meaningful conversations. They will use this to determine whether it really is a good fit. Users of the app have the option to stop communicating with someone and erase them if they sense a disconnect.

Process Of Developing An AI-powered Dating Application

  1. Discovering Stage 

Here’s the million-dollar question: How can you create a dating app without stumbling on the common pitfalls? You need to carefully plan out the complete design of the application using best practices, starting with the discovery phase. To accomplish your company objectives, list all the requirements, do market research, design and test prototypes, and produce thorough documentation and development plans.

  1. Development

Once the design is finalized, you must work on the development stage. This is the heart of your application that can make or break your app. The development will undoubtedly consume a sizable amount of time and resources throughout the project lifecycle. Different development methods exist; among the most well-liked ones currently are agile development, sprint cycles, and others. To ease the process, you can hire a  leading dating apps development company like Consagous, where developers have expertise in writing error-free codes.

  1. Testing

After writing the code, you must ensure the app is bug-free. It takes much care and effort to determine whether the application is safe, can withstand most cyberattacks, and functions as intended without compromising user privacy.

  1. App Launch

Once you’re done with testing and assured that the application is bug-free, it’s time to launch your app. This can be the most thrilling and terrifying aspect of the entire procedure. Your dating app launch should go seamlessly if you planned ahead of time by following the criteria from the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play, as well as your team’s marketing strategy.

3 Principles For Creating An AI-powered Dating Application

A dating app development company must constantly abide by a few principles to produce a successful and well-liked app. Here are three principles we need to follow:

1. Maintain simplicity

People want something quick, simple, and hassle-free when it comes to online dating applications. They don’t want to cope with low-quality and challenging-to-use software. Keep your software straightforward and user-friendly.

2. Be unique without being frightened to do so

There are many online dating applications available, so you must differentiate yours from the competition. Be distinctive and provide something unique that other dating apps don’t.

3. Focus on the specifics

What makes or breaks a dating app are the specifics. Every little thing counts, from the design to the user experience. Before releasing your app, pay close attention to every last detail and make sure everything is flawless.

How To Monetise AI-Powered Dating Apps?

App development businesses have a few different choices to consider when it comes to dating app revenue tactics. In-app purchases are the most popular form of monetization. It includes everything from virtual money to premium features and content. Other monetization options include pay-per-use business structures, subscriptions, and advertising.

  1. In-app purchases

The most often used method of revenue generation for dating apps is in-app purchases. This is so that consumers may only pay for the features and information they need when they need it. In-app purchases also provide less risk because users only need to make a single payment. Conversely, advertising is a more high-risk revenue method because it necessitates regularly locating new sponsors and negotiating new contracts.

  1. Subscription

Another popular method of revenue generation for online dating applications is subscriptions. In this model, access to the app typically requires users to pay a monthly or annual fee. However, subscriptions can also be set up so prospects only pay when they use the app, which may appeal to customers more.

  1. Pay-per-use

Similar to subscription-based models, pay-per-use models often charge customers for each transaction, such as sending a message or visiting a profile.

The ideal monetization plan for a dating app ultimately depends on its user base and business model.

For instance, a dating app targeted toward young singles may do better with a subscription model, but a dating app geared toward older individuals may perform better with a pay-per-use model. The easiest method to choose the best app monetization strategy is to test several possibilities and evaluate what works best for your company.


Dating apps have swiftly risen to the top of the list for meeting new people. Whether you’re seeking a serious relationship or casual dating, there’s a dating app for everyone.

If you’re thinking of building a dating app with AI. You may find several seasoned and qualified dating app development companies to assist you in making the ideal app for your requirements.

It’s crucial to collaborate with a top-notch dating apps development company that has a successful track record while developing dating apps.

Consagous has years of expertise in dating app development services. We know the significance of developing fun and engaging applications that users will genuinely want to use. Our proficient developers understand how to design apps that work well on both iOS and Android devices.

Reasons For Choosing Us For Building An AI-powered Dating Application

  1. To secure users’ information, we, the leading dating apps development company, employ the most recent encryption technology.
  2. Our stringent Privacy Policy defines how we gather, utilize, and share information about our users.
  3. We have a committed group of security specialists who continuously check on systems to ensure they are safe.

If you’re willing to advance your dating app concept, get in touch with Consagous right away. We’ll be delighted to go through your project in further depth.

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