The Top 6 Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Apps

The Apple Watch is a full-feature-packed watch that empowers you to take control of your fitness app development journey. It provides helpful health information, including low heart rate function and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Moreover, it’s a fantastic tool for keeping track of prescriptions, recording heart rate information, and monitoring Afib’s history. Due to its accuracy and ability to follow one’s health, several physicians even suggest that patients get one.

Apple Watch is for a healthier lifestyle- especially for heart patients. However, there are N number of choices available, and you can choose any of them to your benefit.

Many fitness app development companies build reliable fitness solutions that help users. According to research, an estimated 40 million individuals in the US use fitness trackers and smartwatches to monitor their heart health.

But with thousands of options, users tend to get confused. Some of these fitness trainer app development solutions are easy to use, and some have top-notch features that help maintain a healthy heart.  As a leading Fitness App Development Company USA, we understand users’ plight while choosing the best applications. To resolve the issue, we have compiled the top 6 Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Apps that provide a superior experience and help you to be healthy. So, let’s begin.

Top 6 Best Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Apps

  1. Heart Rate Monitor- Pulse App

Heart Rate Monitor is a sophisticated fitness trainer app development solution offering various customization options, including different heart rate zones and target heart rate settings. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that provides real-time heart rate data. It is one of the best choices for Apple Watch users looking for a free option. However, its paid version has many additional features that help better monitoring for the heart.


– Simple and easy-to-use interface

– Customizable heart rate zones and target settings

– Real-time heart rate monitoring


– Limited features in the free version

– No integration with other fitness-tracking apps

  1. Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor-

Cardiogram is well-known for displaying your heart rate data obtained from your wristwatch per minute. Its state-of-the-art technology allows users to track their heart rate patterns, empowering them to control their heart health like never before. It has multiple features, such as sleep tracking, stress monitoring, and activity tracking.  One of the best parts about this application is that it integrates with AI that analyzes your heart rate data and provides personalized insights into cardiovascular health. However, this fitness app development solution is not free. As of December 2022, they stopped offering Cardiograms for free after a 30-day trial period for new subscribers. A subscription to this application costs $14.99 or $8.33 per month if bought in advance for an entire year.


– AI-powered analysis of heart rate data

– Personalized insights into cardiovascular health

– Sleep tracking, stress monitoring, and activity tracking feature are available



– In-app purchases required

– Accuracy is a concern

  1. Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor

Welltory gives personalized recommendations based on HRV data and stress management tools to optimize heart health and overall well-being. This fitness trainer app development solution is proficient in gathering thorough diagnoses and offering information about the human body. It enables users to comprehend the effects of their lifestyle decisions on their overall health. This app calculates users’ energy and stress levels by measuring their heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is the difference in the time intervals between your heartbeats. The outcome reflects your body’s physiological stress level and energy reserves. Moreover, the best part about this fitness app development is that it is free on iOS and Android platforms.


– Provide Real-time heart rate monitoring with a bunch of features

– Personalized insights into cardiovascular health

– Easily sync with other apps.


–       Some suggestions can be unclear.

–       Sleep metric is a bit inaccurate

  1. Qardio Heart Health

A comprehensive health heart application for Apple Watch users. In conjunction with QardioArm, QardioBase, QardioSpO2, and QardioTemp, this app measures all aspects of your heart health in one location. You can sync your data with Apple Health automatically. Its advanced features, such as blood pressure tracking and weight management, help provide real-time heart rate data and offer personalized insights into cardiovascular health. The fitness app development is free to download but requires a fully functional Qardio device.


– Personalized insights into cardiovascular health

– Blood pressure tracking and weight management


– Requires a Qardio device for full functionality

– Low accuracy

  1. HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate

HeartWatch is a comprehensive fitness app development solution that details heart rate patterns, including trends, patterns, and anomalies. This application is integrated with activity tracking and sleep monitoring features, making it a must-have app for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular health activity tracking. Further, it is particularly beneficial for detecting and monitoring persons suffering from cardiovascular or other associated conditions such as POTS.


– Real-time heart rate monitoring

– Personalized alerts for irregularities

– Detailed insights into heart rate data


– Limited customization options

– No integration with other fitness-tracking apps

  1. Kardia

?Kardia’s advanced ECG monitors and personalized heart health reports allow Apple Watch users to accurately track their heart rate and detect abnormal rhythms, which gives them the peace of mind they need to stay healthy and active. The Kardia system is approved by prominent cardiologists and used by individuals worldwide for reliable EKG recordings.  To take full advantage of this fitness app development, users require a Kardia device.



– Real-time heart-rate monitoring

– Personalized insights into cardiovascular health

– ECG recording and analysis


– Requires a Kardia device for full functionality

– Your phone could not be sticker-compatible with the EKG.

– The app may not be suitable for individuals on a tight budget.

With the increasing popularity of fitness and wellness, heart rate monitor apps are essential for anyone looking to improve their health. It provides accurate measurements and customizable features that help users track their progress and stay motivated. However, every fitness trainer app development solution has different pros and cons. In our top 6 list, we have explained all the major vital features and downsides of every application that will help examine the best one.

Key Takeaway:

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